Job for vegetables

It’s amazing what you can find in the newspaper when you read it carefully. In Munich’s newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung there was a job ad in which Burger King was looking for a potatoe on August 11/12, 2007. I am not kidding. You can view the ad down below in the German part of this entry. […]


The World Cup finally descended upon us on Friday, June 9, 2006. Being in the city center to buy some supplies for an upcoming workshop shortly before noon, I could not escape the masses of soccer fans that crowded the streets. As it happened to be a fairly warm and sunny day (at last), the […]


As already mentioned in the post “SwissBall”, Germany is covered with World Cup related events and products. Especially the sponsors take huge pride in making it known that we cannot escape the World Cup when it takes over the reign in Germany for the next weeks. A couple of weeks ago I spotted a pretty […]