The last thing to do on Stewart Island on 27 December 2014 before heading back to Wellington was to watch “A Local’s Tail”, the “quirky 40-minute film about Stewart Island”. It was well worth it, and is the local attraction on the weekly community calendar.

The Bunkhouse Theatre, the home of the movie, is a well-kept, nice theater with comfy seats that is next to a Wine Bar which is strangely closed during summer.

The movie tells the history of Stewart Island – from the perspective of dog Lola – showing original film footage and historic photographs. It’s a great way to finish off my trip as I recognized a number of the places that I had seen while walking around parts of the group of islands.

Although it rained on Stewart Island when taking off by plane, it stopped while we were in the air and thus I could take some aerial pictures to have a different perspective. Stewart Island Flights take you to the airstrip by van and then wait until the tiny plane has landed. The plane was actually coming in right above us, and then it only took a few minutes to unload passengers and luggage from Invercargill and get us sorted to take off. Seeing a rather big town from the air is strange after a week of wilderness and only a small town. The trip down south was well worth it, and there are still a number of places to see to make it worthwhile to come back.

Lee Bay to Māori Beach from the air
Lee Bay to Māori Beach from the air

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