In my last post I moaned about the Samsung customer service here in New Zealand. I promised to follow up once I had more information. Thanks to a couple of friends who reminded me of the Customer Guarantees Act, I went back to the retailer and asked them for a replacement. Unfortunately, the device had not yet been shipped back from the Samsung repairs center, then there was the weekend, and then I didn’t hear from them again. So I went to the shop on Monday to learn that all managers were at a conference until Wednesday. Today I called and was told I would get my device replaced by the retailer. Thus, I went in an picked up my device. Thank you very much. 🙂

Upon my return home, I tried the SIM card immediately and lo and behold, it worked much better and slides in and out without any obstruction. I only had to do a minimal amount of setup because my apps had been backed up to my Google account. Finally, I can play with the Note and explore its functionality.


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