KohaCon10 is finally coming closer and closer. We’ll be kicking off this free community conference on Monday, October 25, 2010. It is totally exciting because it is the first conference that I am on the organizing committee (though I stepped in late as I had only moved to Wellington in June) since the DGFF conference in Munich in 2005.

What’s it all about? The conference centers around Koha, the open source integrated library management system that was born in New Zealand 10 years ago. We have an entire week filled with presentations, an excursion to Koha’s birthplace in Levin, and a Hackfest. Yes, that is 7 days of Koha starting on Labour Day on Monday and finishing on Sunday.

Some conference participants arrived early and take a road trip from Auckland to Wellington to enjoy the sights of New Zealand and have more time to chat and cement the bonds they have formed over the years in the community.

We in Wellington are gearing up the preparations and see the light at the tunnel (I think). We will pack the conference bags for the 110 registered users tomorrow, the name tags are printed, our tech gear is gathered, audio and video equipment will be set up on Sunday.

As KohaCon10 is all about Koha, we will be using the software to register participants at the conference site. Everybody will have a QR code on their name tag that we scan with the Android App “Webscan“, that Reed developed. Every participant is an item in our conference catalogue site. If they allow us to publish their email address to other participants, they become a different item in the catalogue (we still have to test how to do that quickly during registration).

And of course, participants can scan the QR codes themselves and get the email addresses on their phones that way.

Now I better stop my enthused ramblings, finish some work, get some sleep, and continue the preparations tomorrow.

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