In Wikipedia, the definition for take-out (takeaway) is “food purchased at a restaurant for the purpose of being eaten elsewhere. The restaurant may or may not provide table service.” So what would that make a Takeaway University?

Is it a university where the education is purchased for the purpose of being consumed somewhere else, but maybe also on university grounds?

Lots of takeaway food is fast food: cheap and with a questionable health aspect. Does that mean that you get a cheap education at the Takeaway University, but one that is also of inferior quality?

At the Takeaway University you should be able to order anything that’s on the menu in any order and also multiple times.

Are there different Takeaway Universities specializing in certain menus, i.e. study programs?

Is the Takeaway University a university on demand?

Does the Takeaway University deliver content in bite-sized servings for quick consumption during a short break?

Takeaway University
Takeaway University

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