One of my apartment mates sent me a link to a piece by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung entitled “Architekt entdeckt unber├╝hrte DDR-Wohnung” (Architect discovers untouched apartment from GDR times). In it the author reports how an architect discovers an untouched apartment in Leipzig 9 years plus some months after the fall of the Wall. It is fascinating to read what he and his crew discovered because they basically stepped back in time into an era that is so different from ours today.

However, the most crucial questions for me are not answered in this article which only scratches on the surface:

  • How can it be that nobody had discovered this apartment earlier? Somebody must have wanted rent for it.
  • What happened with the stuff in the apartment? Did it get shipped of to a museum?
  • Was the last inhabitant contacted to uncover why he left so quickly? Maybe he wanted some of the photos that were found.

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