Time travelling

One of my apartment mates sent me a link to a piece by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung entitled “Architekt entdeckt unber├╝hrte DDR-Wohnung” (Architect discovers untouched apartment from GDR times). In it the author reports how an architect discovers an untouched apartment in Leipzig 9 years plus some months after the fall of the Wall. It […]

The lens eye

Sarah Perez’ post over at ReadWriteWeb entitled “Technology is Great, but Are We Forgetting to Live?” resonates with me. I don’t like to view everything through a camera lens and thus do not record everything that I see. Seeing fathers film every move of their families on vacation from the moment they wake up until […]

Between good and bad

Making decisions is not always easy, especially when you need to decide between the good and the bad, but sympathize with the in-between because you can see the advantages and they seem to outweigh the disadvantages when the product / service is used as intended. I’m not making sense? Well, hopefully it becomes clearer in […]