This being a long weekend (Happy Easter to you all), I take a day off my regular schedule and do things I wanted to do for a long time.

One of these things is to upload all old blog entries that were on my previous blog back in 2006. This import showed me that I have been a lousy observer and / or just did not jot down my observations in the past couple of years. I remember times when I wrote more regularly back in 2003 and 2004, but I will not upload these posts as they were meant for e-mail dissemination, and converting them into a blog format would be a bit too much work at the time being.

In addition to adding a few of my earlier writings, I decided to

  • make this blog publically available as there are no secrets told in it. Thus, I took out all the links to pictures or videos that should not be seen by the entire Internet community (or at least those who stumble upon this blog). I also took this decision to gain experience in doing writing in the public and not just for a select few. Let’s see how that is going to work out.
  • keep the German versions of my previous entries, but not to continue to do translations. Knowing that I wanted to write about a curiosity that I came across, but translating a text that would become longish sometimes deterred me from writing at all. Maybe this decision helps me to write more frequently. However, that also depends on whether I stumble upon curious things that catch my mind. 😉
  • add a third point here because it looks nice to have three bullet points although I cannot think about anything else to say at the moment.

So much for the time being. Watch this space for further infrequent updates.

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