What’s plan B?

A week ago, Steve Wheeler was supposed to present on Edupunk in the Forth Online Round Table of educamp. Unfortunately, his tech equipment and the university servers left him in the lurch. While Steve was trying frantically to get back online, Graham Attwell rescued the situation with PowerPoint Karaoke over Steve’s title slide (you can […]

Lost in Technology

This past week was an online feast I had not experienced before. I tried to catch as many sessions of the conference Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations 2008 at which great minds shared their knowledge, experience, and thoughts. I will blog about that over the weekend a bit more trying to summarize important points for […]

Avatar by name

Philipp Lenssen wrote an application for the 24-Hours Application Challenge at Friendfeed that converts a name into an avatar. Depending on how I spell my name and whether or not I include my middle initials, I come up with different avatars. They look all very male-centric to me. Was it easier to create male faces? […]