Two days ago, David Bell asked me whether I’d like to join him and Allison Miller in a session on “ePortfolios for education and life” the following day. I was intrigued because I’ve known both Allison and David for a few years now, and it’s always good to catch up and discuss portfolios with them be it in person or online.

While I’ve participated in a lot of webinars over the years, it was quite the experience. It was my first time being in the presenter area of a hangout live on air. I had participated in a few as an audience member, but now I was in the hot seat. In contrast to webinars, you don’t really see the rest of the audience, and while they can ask questions, I was missing the regular backchannel that can be challenging to follow when you are presenting but is so useful for sharing additional information amongst all participants.

It was a fun experience thanks to the great company I had and a topic that I like. I also enjoyed David’s easy style of asking questions and moderating the session.

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2 thoughts on “Live on air

  1. Thanks Kristina, appreciated the comments. While there isn’t the functionality of say an Adobe Connect Meting, I’ve found Hangouts a great free tool and certainly integrate seamlessly with the google+ community etc. It’s helped boost our YouTube Channel watch-time a lot so for a nano-site it comes over as an elegant solution. You and Alison have a ton of ideas we can learn from.

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