Over the last few months, a team at Catalyst has been organizing the first conference on Mahara in New Zealand. There are a number of Mahara events around the world (Australia, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK for example), but we’ve never had a conference on Mahara in New Zealand. Thus, it was high time. 😉

We named our conference Mahara Hui. ‘Hui’ means ‘assembly’, ‘gathering’ in Māori and fits nicely with what we want to achieve with the conference: The conference shall be the opportunity for people to come together and talk about Mahara, exchange ideas, knowledge, share examples and brainstorm for the future of Mahara.

The conference is open to anyone using Mahara already or wanting to know more about Mahara and what it can be used for. We have an excellent line-up of presenters, and I wish I could clone myself to attend all sessions. It is fantastic to see that presentations come from many different areas in which Mahara is used: schools, universities, professional development, accreditation bodies. We will have presentations on both the ePortfolio use as well as community features.

If you are in the vicinity of Wellington 19-21 March 2014 or see it as a good opportunity to book a trip to the end of summer, then we’d love to have you at Mahara Hui and share insight into the software with you.

You can also follow the conference on Twitter via @maharahui and #maharahui14.

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