A few weeks ago I received my red Pebble watch, Kickstarter edition. Several of my colleagues already had a black Pebble, which were delivered earlier, and we now also have three red Pebbles in the office.

Of course, I pretty quickly installed some watchfaces to make the watch a bit more interesting. I discovered the Beer O’Clock watchface which is ideal for Catalyst because we have Beer O’Clock every Friday afternoon. That watchface does not display any time, but just a static image.

The idea

This gave me the idea that I could create a watchface for our monthly Pizza Thursday. One of my colleagues suggested that the watch should display the Pizza Thursday slogan only when there is actually Pizza Thursday, but since my programming skills are close to zero and my C programming skills are in the negative, I wanted to start out with a simple image.

I could have gone the easy route of generating my watchface online thanks to the Pebble Watchface Generator. However, that would have been a bit too easy. I did want to practice some of my skills and actually look at the code and try to figure out if I could work with the Pebble SDK and get something going.

The implementation

Thus, I embarked on my Pebble watchface creation project. With the help of the great Pebble tutorials I got started installing the SDK in Ubuntu and compiling a sample project. Since the C code was still a book with seven seals, I looked for a Pebble watchface that displayed just a static image, no time and had its source code published.

I found the “Sleep” watchface by orviwan (source code), forked the project and replaced the image files with my own as well as changed the references in the code to my own files. orviwan did not have a license attached to his code, but very quickly replied to my question and said I could use his code. Yeah for open source.

I discovered the pizza image that is displayed on my watchface on The Noun Project and changed it in Inkscape to fit my needs.

And this is the result:

Pebble Pizza Thursday watchface
Pebble “Pizza Thursday” watchface

You can download the code and the watchface on github, and the watchface is also available on My Pebble Faces.

CC BY-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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