Unless I want to add a news item to the web site of the company I work for, Catalyst IT, I do not visit the site. That was already the same for the universities where I worked because such sites are usually geared towards the general public, but not the people working there. Thus, I sometimes stumble upon hidden gems or am reminded of cool pages.

Recently, I was reminded of the page where all our open source project contributions are listed. Currently, this list has 142 open source projects listed to which current Catalystas have contributed in the past or presently. This can be small 1-5 person projects or big ones like Koha or Moodle, projects that were created for a very specific purpose and are now defunct or projects that are continuously maintained.

That’s an impressive number of projects and may actually not be all because we pull the projects and contributors from Ohloh. If a project is not registered there, our site won’t know about it and also if developers have not added their Ohloh username to our internal wiki, our web site cannot pick it up.

With more people joining the company, this list will hopefully grow more.


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