Over the last few months, a number of developers at Catalyst have been working on new features for Mahara. Version 1.4 was just released in mid-June and there is already a host of new features available. It’s amazing. As we were going to update MyPortfolio.school.nz for August 1, 2011, I decided to hand in a proposal for MoodleMoot NZ 2011 that focused on these new features as a number of Moodle users are also Mahara users. Mahara is well-known in New Zealand as MyPortfolio which now has over 700 schools registered.

The presentation focuses on the features that the Ministry of Education asked us to implement for MyPortfolio. The development work also goes back to Mahara itself. There are so many new features that I didn’t even include all, but left a couple out that are important for site admins.

This was my first MoodleMoot, and it was a good experience. I got to meet people that I knew from Twitter, webinars or had heard about in other contexts. It was great to learn more about how Moodle is used and what can be done with Moodle 2.

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One thought on “MyPortfolio: New features

  1. Kristina, a good read and a good story. Maybe there is a future post in how the primary theme came about, as it has all the hallmarks of e-community, student voice, iterative development, responsive government department, talented vendor, etc.

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