Thank you for the great response about student-generated tutorials to my Twitter friends who took the time to send a reply.

The Shar-E-Fest 2011 took place at Wintec in Hamilton on July 11-12, 2011. That was also a chance to catch up with Heath Sawyer, one of the main MyPortfolio Taster Session facilitators in New Zealand. Just a few days ago he had posted questions in a MyPortfolio forum to prompt teachers and students to create supporting posters etc. for guides for the use of the ePortfolio system.

During a session we also came to think about student-generated resources for MyPortfolio, which is an ePortfolio that can be used by all schools in New Zealand and is based on Mahara. There is a user guide available, but as far as we knew no guides produced by students. I then asked on Twitter if MyPortfolio users knew about any such guides. Within a short time (and I apologize for blogging about this so late) I received responses not just from NZ, but the UK and Canada. My question was interpreted more widely in these responses and was taken as asking for any student-generated content and not specific for MyPortfolio.

First I thought: Darn, not quite what I wanted, but actually the responses were great because they led me to web sites of universities that have tutorials, guides and videos from students for students. I had a good time checking out Digital Tattoo and the Learning Commons from the University of British Columbia and some videos from the University of Prince Edward Island.

Digital Tattoo is a great site to which I’ll come back because e-responsibility and digital identity are discussed on MyPortfolio. The other sites give an idea of what students can achieve and how resources can be pulled together and presented.

So, thank you very much @psychemedia, @Bill_world, @sleslie, @phpnz, @brlamb, @UBCLearn for your responses!

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