2,200 students, approximately 180 staff: That’s whom you will see at the formal assemblies at Westlake Boys’ High School in North Shore City on Mondays and Fridays. The auditorium, which was also the place for the two TEDxAuckland events in 2009 and 2010, is filled with students in their uniform of dark green or red polo shirts and green shorts. They all listen attentively to what’s going on on stage.

On stage, student achievements are celebrated, be it in academics or sports, perfect attendance, perfect behavior, or any other area where the students have excelled.

I was at Westlake Boys’ for a Moodle workshop because the school is going to roll it out soon for all their students and staff. During a break, Dave Hayden, the ICT Director at the school, told me that they have students from 65 different nationalities and that their staff is comprised of approximately 60% teachers from countries other than New Zealand. So far away from all these countries you encounter them again in New Zealand and can have your own microworld in a school of high reputation and a great location on the north shore of Auckland.

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