When I opened my email inbox today, I had an email from Slideshare saying that my recently uploaded presentation slides “E-portfolios: Just for students?” were featured on the homepage. Apparently, an editorial team chooses the presentations that appear on the homepage. I was happy about these news and had to take a screenshot before some other presentation replaced mine.

Featured on Slideshare
Featured on Slideshare

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One thought on “Featured on Slideshare

  1. Congrats on the featured presi. I stumbled upon it and was really happy to see our student work. During our Mahara pilot in spring our students (Carmel High School in California) made the portfolios you showed off. I hope the audience liked them, because the kids really enjoyed creating the projects and so worked hard. We love Mahara and can’t wait to create more great examples of e-portfolios to share.

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