Time flies, and I can hardly believe that it’s already been 111 days since I moved to Wellington. Though I have not yet traveled much (we barely started spring and I’m not a winter sport person), I have already experienced a fair amount of great things and events with a lot more to come. Here is just a short and definitely not exhaustive list of what has happened, where I have been, what I have done during the last 3.5 months (not necessarily in order; some repetitions):

  • started my job at Catalyst IT
  • being awed by Te Papa
  • Ignite Wellington
  • Nerdnite
  • WordCamp NZ in Auckland
  • gales aplenty
  • playing with OLPCs
  • Christchurch earthquake (felt it in Wellington)
  • bowling
  • BeerOClock (though I have yet to touch the beer; I prefer the spirulina or fejioa juices)
  • exploring Wellington
  • learning to shoot with my Canon DLSR
  • rapid weather changes
  • winter in July
  • eating lots of Indian food and sushi
  • wind

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