My learning of Kiwi English continues. And it is an interesting journey.

Almost from Day 1 did I encounter “Ta” in emails from colleagues. As we work in an IT company, my first thought was: check an internet slang dictionary. I found “thanks again” for “ta” in Netlingo. Thus, I didn’t wonder about it anymore.

However, recently, I’ve also been hearing people say “Ta” and not just write it.That got me thinking again. When I asked them what “Ta” actually meant, they said it’s a short form for “thanks” that is very frequently used in Kiwiland. According to the Urban Dictionary, “Ta” already has a long history on the British Isles. As I did not spend much time there, I wouldn’t know how extensive the use is there nowadays.

“Ta” is always used by itself. You wouldn’t say (or at least I’ve never heard anyone say it) “Ta again” or “Ta for your help”. It’s just “Ta”.

So: No mysterious Internet slang. Just a very common Kiwi English word.

OK. I mosey along now.

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