The HTC Desire is my latest toy. Instead of an iPhone 4 I wanted to explore an Android phone, especially after having seen a Nexus One of a colleague.

I started transferring all my contacts, installed a few apps and set up my friend streams. Currently, I am in the clean-up phase and have to stop trying to locate the power button on the right-hand side and hitting the home button to turn on the phone.

The HTC Desire and me
My HTC Desire and me; CC shared by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

What I like best

The flashing notification light which alerts me to anything that I asked to be notified about. As I am not attached to my phone like a Siamese twin, it could happen that I went an entire day without turning my iPhone once. A flashing light would have allowed me to respond to messages more quickly.

What I like least

I have to go through my address book and add the birthdays and anniversaries as Google contacts does not interpret the fields from my Mac address book correctly. Let’s see how the sync works out in the future. But at least now I don’t have to run a script to create a birthday and anniversary calendar, but I can subscribe to my contact’s birthdays and anniversaries in Google calendar through my Google contacts.

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