Today was another event in preparation of Wellington’s Summer of Tech 2010: the Meet & Greet.

40 companies have so far signed up for Summer of Tech and at least 35 attended tonight’s event with one or more representatives.

It was a great and well-organized event. We had the chance to talk to students interested in working for Catalyst IT for their internship and get to know them a little bit. We can take these impressions into account when we go into the next phase which will be shortlisting students for 10-minute interviews.

Meet & Greet; CC shared by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner
Meet & Greet; CC shared by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

In preparation for the event I looked at the profiles and CVs of the students who were interested in our e-learning team position. Some were done very nicely and in an easy to read format. Others however were written entirely in prose. No bulleted lists at all or even keywords highlighted. It was rather difficult for me to stay interested in the novella-length CVs as they just took a lot of time to go through and pick up the important stuff.

I am not a fan of standardized CVs, and the personality of the application should come across. However, some points should be taken into consideration when writing a CV. There are lots of web sites that expound on that. One of my favorite ones is JoblineLMU (because I know the creators and have taken a course with them. 🙂 ). The resources can be worked through in self-study. It was created having German university students in mind, but others can also find valuable resources and tips in there.

Students writing CVs should keep in mind that people who don’t have much time are going to read their CVs. Being concise, to the point and stating things in a fashion that is easy to grasp are very appreciated.

I am looking forward to the next step, the speed interviews to hopefully find somebody who’d be a good fit for our e-learning team.

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