My first impressions of OmmWriter in video. You should watch the HD version in order to see the text.

Here is the text that I typed in the video with a few added links:

Via a Twitter message by D’Arcy Norman, my attention was drawn to OmmWriter.

Having installed it, I must say that I like this slick software because it just offers you to type text. No thrills, no bells and whistles. Simply text.

As keystrokes and background music are not my thing, I can turn them off. I can also change the frosty winter landscape to a simple white to see even less on the screen.

OmmWriter forces me to separate content from layout because there are no layout options. Usually, I play with headings, bullet point and pictures. It will be interesting to see if I get jumpy from not being able to do all that or if there are also instances when I don’t need to layout.

You can actually also use OmmWriter to create audio text art when you use the music and / or the pitches of the keystrokes to convey meaning.

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