My latibule

Very early this morning I completed my first adoption ever. I adopted the word “latibule” from the site Save the Words where infrequently used words are made more known through a fun Flash front-end throwing in the occassional “choose me audio piece. The web site is no latibule anymore as people start adopting words. I […]

Toolbars galore

My beloved Firefox got its personaliy back. Finally Firefox Personas work again for me and the tabs (when there are any) can be distringuished. That was not the case after FF 3 came out. Thank you very much to all the developers working on it tediously. My browser is starting to look like the infamous […]

Facebook likeness

Coincidentally I just had three status updates of friends’ displayed on my Facebook page and could not not make a screenshot because they are so much alike. It almost makes me wonder if Facebook grouped them or if it was just pure coincidence. A few weeks ago I already had an eery Facebook experience when […]