When I think of “Good Morning”, I usually imagine sunny, warm weather with a blue sky, just a slight breeze of wind, enough to keep the day from getting to hot. It does not have to be a lazy weekend day, but a regular weekday will do as well because works seems to be done more quickly for me when there is nice weather.

However, I never imagined being greeted with “Good Morning” by my email program in the middle of the night as you can see in the screenshot below. Who would imagine to say “Good Morning” when it was shortly after midnight? Granted, the new day had begun 10 minutes prior to me seeing the message, but still, I would have preferred a friendly “Good Night” rather than a pitch black “Good Morning” when I was about to go to bed and not to wake up. Standardized messages cannot take every situation in account. *sigh*

Good Morning, Kristina.
There are no new messages in your inbox.
Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 0:10 a.m.

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