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This blog is discontinued. Since flickr doesn’t offer its WordPress integration anymore, it’s become more difficult to update the blog. All I had done in the past was to repost my flickr photos of the day. Hence, you can now find them on flickr and subscribe there if you wish to be notified when a […]

Mahara Hui Hackfest 2014 (04) – 2014-03-21

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The two days of presentations on 19 and 20 March 2014 were followed by a one-day hackfest for Mahara Hui in Wellington, New Zealand. Participants of the hackfest worked on coding, discussing portfolio examples, looking into issues and also brainstorming new features. Thus, it was not only a hackfest for programmers, but also users.

Mahara Hui name tag – 2014-03-20

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We had three different name tags for hui participants: green for regular attendees, blue for presenters and yellow for the conference team. Everybody could let us know beforehand in what capacity they contribute to Mahara and then received their contributor icons as stickers on their name tags.

Mahara wishes – 2014-03-19

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Participants at Mahara Hui 2014 in Wellington were asked to write down the top 5 wishes they had for Mahara and put them into a big jar for further discussion on the second day of the hui.