26 Mar

Firefox 4 (counter) clockwise

The new Firefox 4 is out and I installed it now that most of my extensions work. There are a couple of things that I noticed:

  • It looks very much like Chrome with the tabs on top and the context menu placing “Open in New Tab” in the pole position.
  • The page loading icon is sometimes two different icons.

The latter is the one things that has been fascinating me for the entire day. So much so that I even recorded my screen to record the action. Normally, the page loading icon spins and spins and spins and you are happy when you finally get to the page, the flash movie etc. It usually spins clockwise. However, sometimes the page loading icon in Firefox spins counter clockwise. And on top of that, the graphics is a different one.

Now the big question is: Why? I’d love to hear a good explanation for these two different graphics. Is it essentially a different process, is it a bug that hasn’t been fixed, is it a feature to show a different loading process?

11 Apr

Deciphering “Alec Goes Viral”

Alec Couros, one fantastic educational technologist, who recently also got his tenure at University of Regina, finally went viral officially on YouTube with his medley “Alec Goes Viral“.

Curious as I am, I watched it, but could only decipher two of the videos / songs that he imitated.

The first one was really easy as it was “Numa Numa“, a YouTube classic.

The second segment in his short video is a musical drive-thru order. The one original that I know best is RhettandLink‘s “Fast Food Folk Song“. They have been doing some pretty funny songs including commercials for local businesses.

The third video in Alec’s medley is still a mystery to me. Any hints?

21 Mar

Compfight – Flickr – Creative Commons

Alec Couros had asked for mini lectures for his last EC&I 831 course in Winter 2009. I had almost forgotten to check out these micro lectures, but finally searched for them on the course site. There I came across Rodd Lucier‘s 8.5-minute video explaining how to use Compfight to search Flickr for Creative Commons licensed photos. This video is a great resource where you learn everything you need to know about the topic.

A couple of weeks ago I had introduced students of the first year in the BScE to Creative Commons photos and how they can find them on Flickr. Rodd’s video would have been a wonderful addition and also learning about Compfight. I posted them the video on our support web site.

10 Dec

Distraction-free writing with OmmWriter

My first impressions of OmmWriter in video. You should watch the HD version in order to see the text.

Here is the text that I typed in the video with a few added links:

Via a Twitter message by D’Arcy Norman, my attention was drawn to OmmWriter.

Having installed it, I must say that I like this slick software because it just offers you to type text. No thrills, no bells and whistles. Simply text.

As keystrokes and background music are not my thing, I can turn them off. I can also change the frosty winter landscape to a simple white to see even less on the screen.

OmmWriter forces me to separate content from layout because there are no layout options. Usually, I play with headings, bullet point and pictures. It will be interesting to see if I get jumpy from not being able to do all that or if there are also instances when I don’t need to layout.

You can actually also use OmmWriter to create audio text art when you use the music and / or the pitches of the keystrokes to convey meaning.

28 May

One (password) for all / Eins (Passwort) für alles

In Philipp Lenssen’s blog I found a link to the User Name and Password video by Darren Barefoot. It is quite hillarious. How many different web sites, logins and passwords do you need to manage?


In Philipp Lenssens Blog fand ich den Link zum User Name and Password-Video von Darren Barefoot. Ich finde es zum Schreien. Wie viele unterschiedliche Webseiten und ihre Logins sowie Passwörter müsst ihr auseinanderhalten?