01 May

Productive May Day

Today is May 1, Labor Day in Europe, and thus a holiday. I used it to see if I could get my WordPress MU installation running and actually create blogs which did not work earlier during the week. I had run into trouble when I used sub-domains, but the sub-directories work fine.

The reason behind the upgrade to WP MU was that I wanted to create a second blog on my server to showcase my daily photograph. Of course, I could always link to my flickr photo set, but I prefered to use a blog. Well, that was not a novel in itself, as others had already done so before me, e.g. D’Arcy Norman and also Alan Levine as I realized very recently. From them I got the idea to use the Monotone theme, which displays the photos with an individual background that matches the dominant color in the photographs. Way cool.

After having solved my blog creation problem and having moved my regular blog (this one here) over to my MU installation, I started to tackle my photo blog. As Alan Levine describes nicely in his post “(Almost) Effortless Photo Blog”, I wanted to connect my blog with flickr as well to be able to post immediately to my photo blog from there. I had no such luck until I found out that I had to activate the XML-RPC publishing protocol in my blog settings under “Writing”. Once the checkmark was placed, I could link my blog to my flickr account.

Now I had the monumental task to add all pictures to the blog. That took about four hours for 119 photos (I had missed to take a photo one day) because my internet connection was uncooperative today and everything was rather slow. However, now that I am done, I really like the result, and I also found the “Page Links To” plugin to allow a tab in the blog menu to open my photo blog immediately.

Update: I changed the archive page to display 31 photos instead of only 24. That is particularly nice when the archive of an entire month is displayed.

10 Apr

100 out of 365

Today is April 10 which means that the year 2009 is 100 days old. Today also signifies the 100th photo that I took for each day being inspired by the flickr group 2009/365. I had heard about its predecessor 2008/366 from D’Arcy Norman, Alan Levine and Alec Couros. As I did not find out about this photo project until well into 2008, I did not start last year.

This year I wanted to see if I can accomplish to take and post a picture every day. Thus far, it worked out, but I still have 265 days to go. However, now that I have finished 100, I may post to the photo pool…

There are many “a photo a day” groups on flickr and some have more or less strict themes. I liked the openness of this group as it gives me the freedom to decide on the subjects.

This is a slideshow of my first 100 photos for 2009. I did take more since January and also posted a number of them, but there is only one for each day.

10 Nov

Almost half the population

On November 3, 2008, the 3 billionth picture was uploaded to flickr generating 16,762 views for the photo until now. Had I not subscribed to Bryan Alexander’s blog this memorable moment would have passed unnoticed for me. Now I can pause for a second and contemplate a little bit.

  • If every person on earth had uploaded a picture to flickr, almost 45% of the population would have already done so. According to the CIA World Factbook there are 6,706,993,152 people (estimate of July 2008).
  • My flickr statistics show that I uploaded 373 photos. That is just 0.00001% of 3 billion.
  • However, my pictures have already been viewed 3,614 times as of now (excluding my views). That is much more exposure than they would have ever gotten in my paper photo albums.
  • One photo even made it into an online article.
  • How many flickr photos do not have the traditional copyright? Most of the pictures I post have a Creative Commons license and can be used freely.

I have many more pictures still sitting on a hard drive waiting to be uploaded, and then there are all those that are not yet digitized… Thus, I will continue to contribute photos to flickr.

almost the 3 billionth photo

almost the 3 billionth photo

11 May

Another road sign

I was a bit puzzled when I saw this sign for the first time. Does it mean that one is not allowed to walk here between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.? After some reflecting and searching my brain for the rules that I know, I think it means that pedestrians do not solely own this stretch of the street during that time frame, but that it becomes a regular street on which cars can travel and pedestrians have to stick to the sidewalk.

03 May

Singleness à la flickr

Singleness à la flickr

Profile pages of social networking services can be a mineful of fascinating categories as we have already seen with YouTube. The services want to add a personal touch and not just provide the standard questionnaire to fill in. As I signed up for my flickr account today, I took a look at the profile page and smiled when I saw the category “Singleness”.

It’s a nice change to the regular “marital status” category found on official documents. Does this category also suggest that singleness becomes more dominant? And what does “Open” mean? Open for a relationship? Open for an affair? If it implies the first one, open for a relationship, does “Single” imply “I don’t want to date and I am happy that I am alone and want to stay alone”?